Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Been busy, been lazy to update.
I kinda started to do work from school, not bad ey?
Have to wake up early as usual, that's the cruel part.
Nothing much happened over the week, except for road trip.
Drove down to Harrison Lake with Shaun & Seva .
We kinda go for lake hopping, best one was Hicks Lake!
Watched The Town, it's GOOD!

Fall is here, rain is back, I don't like it this way.
Marcus wanted to be my driver, AHAHA thank you so much!
It's okay, you will be my driver when I'm going to your place.

Will upload the pictures soon, time to get some beauty sleep.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 weeks break is done, school is back.
At least, I had the best time on the weekend.
Class from 8-3, better than previous semester.
I get to nap in the afternoon after class =)
Fine, I skipped 1st class for 3 days already.

Matthew & Marcus came back from Hong Kong.
Been a year since we last met, missing out Jayden & Kelven.
Jayden in London&Kelven in Sydney.
Had a party @ Matthew's place, good times ey?
Last year we bbq, swim, speeding during midnight.
We didn't had the guts to swim the other night,
it was freezing cold, but we drank while soaking in hot tub.
*Someone* got drunk after the shots, lying on the couch like a dead cow.
The both of us WII at 3am, slept at 5am.
I wasn't kind enough to prepare foods, so, eat out!
Dim Sum @ 1pm, then slacked around abit and I came home.
It was a rainy weekend, so we couldn't do much.

They both brought me presents, THANK YOU!
Love you both, equally =)
Thanks Auntie Maureen for that too.
Jayden, be jealous for now,
and my turn later on cause they're going UK!
Perhaps, I should consider to move away from here too?
Nobody knows me better than the 4 of you.

Brunch on Sunday.


This is what you get when you pay ANYTHING here.
Even for parking, is that great enough?
Even a bottle of 1buck mineral water.

Taken before school, since I was late,
so I kinda talked to Matthew and slack abit first.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Kitsilano Beach
I wonder what's for fall by the beach ey?
Coll in a few days, time to get serious.

The other side of Vancouver.


Blue sky white clouds but the sun disappeared.

I just love the sky.


Headed to Richmond later on, Lansdowne then Q1 then hotpot.
Best thing about having hotpot here is that you won't sweat! haha


One of those days.

I have my target set, time to move on and get it!

I think you're messing me up.
I don't think I like you.
I think you're not gonna get me.
I don't think you are my kind.
I think you should leave.
I don't think you should try.

*points above* HAHAHA.
Jayden knows what I'm talking.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

When I recall the November back in 2008, I see your shadow.
The parcel from me to you ; you to me.
From London to Penang ; Penang to London.
I know, we were really happy, I thought it will always be the same.
You wanted me to get on what you like, I did.
I never betrayed you for anything, did I?
We never even talked in real before we knew each other.
Remember the first Skype & Video?
It took us few times to stare on the screen before we even talked.
Then we started with text on phone, then calling often.
You know I enjoyed your company, your appearance in my life. No?
You go to bed after talking to me when I'm awake;
I get to bed after you are awake; I really loved that.
You even called to wish my mom Happy Birthday, remember?
I even said I love you in front of my mom, my first time.
Then, remember how you were planning to surprise me?
You told me you weren't coming back for CNY at first,
but then before you went on board, you actually told me.
I knew it even before you told me, because I understand you.
Remember the first hug in front of Sony store in GP?
When you were kinda shocked bout my first move, then we went for movie.
It was Narnia 2.
The next day you met my mom and us in the temple after praying.
We went for movie again, then we walked around.
You then fetched me to Bryan's place, dropped me to the beach.
You couldnt attend the party we had, and it was the last time i met you.
My school started, you had to leave, that's how it went.
But we never stopped talking, you told me you will be good.
I wore the pendant&ring you gave me everyday.
Until this very night, we had a big fight on phone.
You started questioning me about the past, and I told you the truth.
You got way over the limit by asking me nonsense.
You apologized, after I closed your call.
I thought we got better, until once again, you didn't chose to trust me.
You rather trust those rumours by others than me.
You chose to let me go, you chose to not trust me, you chose to hurt me.
I thought after crying and so, I will be better.
I told myself not to cry for you, I even lost my appetite for foods.
I started to cry everyday, hoping that you will be back for me.
You didn't even want to bother me, I know, it's an end.
Everyone was telling me different stories, I knew, what was going on.
They were jealous, they create stories to break us up.
Friends told me to let go, because you're not worth it.
I didn't know why, I just wanted you so badly.
It's not like what you have in you, it's just, you.
I threw our ring away, I regretted so badly for doing so.
I once tried to find, but I know it won't be back.
Just like how you won't be back by me anymore.
Why are you still on my mind after so long?
I won't forget how you treated me even I begged you.
It's been one and a half year, I'm still moving on.
I don't want to be looked down, you're nothing better.
It's time, to get you off, for me to move on.
Our *GeeCheeky* quote just disappeared forever.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labour Day today.
Reminds me of labour day in Malaysia;
Reminds me of my birthday haha

On Saturday.
Richmond again. HAHAHHAA

@ Yavis Cafe, Richmond.
Hazelnut Latte.

Blueberry cheesecake.

Kahlua Cheesecake

4 flavoured cheesecake.
Sour Sweet Bitter Spicy

Nice ey?

Baked Sago Pudding.

Q1 later on for pool.

After a U-turn @ Leslie Road.
Spot the so bright lights.

Hello Police!
They gave me my ticket, thats how I lost my virginity. HAHA

Sunday, Costco & Superstore.

750g of it, contains lots of FATS.

Super yummy truffles.

Mooncake, but not the asian feeling of it. HAHA

Sky's new ride @ Metrotown.

Posh for Sukiyaki

Lemon cake, very refreshing!


I love the carbon fibre!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another week, school's starting, great shit.

Few days back @ Ikea, Richmond.
The long time no see meatballs, mmmm!

Random takes.

Dinner @ Fisherman Wharf's Seafood, Aberdeen Mall.

Set dinner.
Sharks Fin soup.

My first abalone since I came here.


Another day @ Aberdeen Mall.

Roasted PORK! uhhhh, can't resist.

*future* car.

@ Auto Mall.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kooza the Cirque De Soleil
It was GOOD!
Been sleeping in am, waking up in pm.
Missed out a certain good-weather days for beach.

Randomly took this when the sunroof was opened.

Kooza! Summertime entertainment.

Not without pops and popcorns to munch on.

@ Main Street.

Wasn't suppose to take pictures. LOL

Masquerade !

Do I look like the Chinese face changing thing?

Dinner / Supper @ Honolulu, Kingsway

See how much I love my room?
With scented candles and dim light.
I cant stop pampering myself, too bad.

In times, I really want it to be real, but I know, it won't.
I don't want myself to fall for you, because it won't work.

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